A Visit To Harboro Rubber Company

Posted by Lee Fleming on

Prior to lockdown Barker was thrilled to visit the Harboro Rubber Company alongside Northampton-based photographer Ben Lloyd to go behind the scenes at their Market Harborough factory.

 The Harboro Rubber Company have been manufacturing bespoke rubber mouldings since 1894 and today are a leader in the field of rubber engineering and moulding. Alongside their work in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronic, oil & gas and marine industries, Harboro Rubber are a sole and heel specialist as it was the company's first product made.

Harboro Rubber are the manufacturer of the British sole icon, Dainite, a studded sole originally designed to provide comfort and grip in all conditions, while not attracting or storing dirt. The Dainite trade name itself was established from the local phrase describing the company as 'day and night' mills and remains proudly made in Market Harborough.

Championed by many Northampton shoemakers including Crockett & Jones, Church’s, Barker and Cheaney due to its hardwearing and waterproof properties. The Dainite rubber sole has a international following and remains a prominent part of the UK footwear industry located between Leicester and Northampton.

To read more about Dainite's history visit their website.

Photography by Ben Lloyd (IG: @lloyd.photo)