Fitting Guide

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Within the Barker shoe collection there are several width fittings available across the styles:

E Fitting - Narrow fitting

F Fitting - Standard (Average) fitting

FX Fitting - Slightly wider than average fitting 

G Fitting - Wide fitting 

H Fitting - Extra wide fitting 

D Fitting - Women's fitting

There is ¼ of an inch (6mm) difference between our E, F, G and H fittings, which is established across the in-step of the foot.

The FX fitting is a relatively new fitting which sits between the F and the G fittings, therefore there is ⅛ inch (3mm) difference between F, FX & G.

Please note multiple fittings can be available on a last shape / shoe style, for example the Malvern Oxford shoe is made on the 386 last and is available in F or G fitting.

For further fitting/sizing information visit the Barker last guide which includes a 'shop by last' function.

Please note as a shoe size increases so will the length and width accordingly.