Groom Style Guide – What Wedding Shoes To Wear?

Posted by Lee Fleming on

Wedding Shoe Collection By Barker

Dressing for the big day is an important part of wedding planning for any groom or groomsmen, second to the wedding ring, selecting the suit to wear on your wedding day and a pair of handmade wedding shoes to match is no easy task as the options are unlimited and you always want to invest in what suits you.

Investing in a pair of handmade shoes by Barker is a wise decision that means your shoes will last for years to come and can be worn long after the walk down the aisle while reminding you of the special day every time they’re worn.

Arnold - Men's Wedding Shoe by Barker


Opting for high-grade genuine leather is a must with mens handmade shoes as the leather ages well with wear over time and offers longevity especially if they’re Goodyear welted as they can be repaired/re-soled in the future with the choice of various sole options. Selecting a shoe colour that best matches your suit is the best place to start as the colour, materials and details of the suit need to be considered when searching for the ideal shoe companion to get married in.

Winsford - Men's Dress Shoe By Barker


The style of the shoe equally should be suitable to the style of the suit worn, whether your decision leads you to a smoking jacket, bespoke suit or morning coat, the typical groom's wedding shoes tend to be a shade of brown or black. A flash of colour can also be achieved by wearing brightly coloured socks unless you decide on wearing a brighter coloured wedding shoe, blue for example.

Burford - Men's Leather Party Shoe By Barker


For the traditional groom, keeping it classic is the best option especially if the wedding follows a strict etiquette then the groom should wear formal dress shoes, such as Oxfords or Brogues in black calf leather or patent for a timeless shoe style. The Barker Arnold, Burford and Winsford are ideal black cap toe oxford shoes from the Professional collection that work perfectly with a suit.

Newborough - Men's Tassel Loafer By Barker


When and where the wedding is being held can have a say in your decision as to which style of shoe to wear, for classic wedding venues the polish black Oxford shoe is ideal but if you’re getting married around somewhere hot or having a beach wedding, for example, a slip-on style is a great option, such as the Penny and Tassel loafer. Barker slip-on style such as the Newborough, Portsmouth and Studland loafers work well with suiting or soft tailoring.

Portsmouth - Men's Penny Loafer By Barker


While selecting your wedding shoes it’s important to keep how comfortable they will be in mind as your wedding day is generally a long day spent on your feet walking and dancing most of the time. Especially as your wedding shoes will be worn again either at other formal occasions and events.

McClean - Men's Wedding Shoe By Barker


The most popular Barker shoe style for grooms is the McClean, a traditional Oxford brogue made on the 443 last from premium calf leather with intricate suede or paisley detailing.

Explore the current Barker range of handmade shoes, in particular, the Handcrafted and Professional collections for traditional wedding shoe styles and the Creative collection for something extraordinary on your wedding day.