What Is an Oxford Shoe? - Your Ultimate Guide

Posted by Lee Fleming on

Mcclean - Men's Oxford Brogue Shoe By Barker

A timeless dress shoe is the Men’s Oxford shoe, characterised by a closed lacing system with a low heel and exposed ankle, black Oxford shoes, in particular, are seen as a wardrobe staple for every gentleman. The Oxford shoe has English roots and is named after the famous Oxford University having originated from a half boot call the ‘Oxonian’ in 1825, the Oxonian boot featured narrow slits on the sides making it more comfortable to wear around campus than the fashionable high boots of the time. Another origin of this classic shoe design traces back to Scotland where the Balmoral originates and is named after the Scottish castle itself.

The leather Oxford shoe is recognised around the world as the ultimate formal dress shoe for its elegant silhouette and is available in several designs including the most popular being plain and toe cap Oxford styles. The current Barker collection of Goodyear welted shoes include an extensive range of Oxford shoes featured in the BarkerTech, Handcrafted, London and Professional collections.

Winsford - Men's Handmade Black Leather Oxford Shoes By Barker

Barker Oxfords are available in E, F and G fittings having been made on a variety of last shapes that are used in the Earls Barton factory (Northampton, England) with the 69, 386 and 469 lasts coming highly recommended from the Barker flagship Regent Street team. The Barker Icon Series celebrated the Earls Barton village shoemaker’s 140th anniversary and featured several Oxford shoes for men including the Alfred, Falsgrave, Lerwick, McClean, and Winsford.

Malvern - Men's Brown Leather Toe Cap Oxford Shoe By Barker

An extensive offering of Barker Oxford shoes feature in the Barker Professional collection and it is made from a variety of calf, polished and grain leathers. Classic toe cap Oxfords from the Professional collection include the Arnold, Burford, Duxford, Malvern and Wilton styles.

Chancery - Men's Tan Burnished Suede Oxford Brogue Shoe By Barker

The Barker London collection is an exclusive range of Goodyear welted shoe styles made for the Barker London flagship stores having been inspired by key locations in the capital. Within the London collection, you’ll discover the Bank, Chigwell, Charterhouse and Cornhill Oxford styles in several colourways. A popular Black Oxford shoe style within both the Professional and London collections is the English brogue, favourite Oxford brogues by Barker include the Albert, Chancery, Covent Garden and Malton styles.

Mcclean - Men's Handmade Oxford Brogue Wedding Shoe By Barker

One of Barker’s most popular men’s Oxford brogue features in the Creative collection and is championed by Barker enthusiasts in-particular ‘grooms to be’ is the McClean. Made on the 443 last, the McClean is an F fitting wedding shoe available in premium calf leather with suede or paisley lasered inserts.

Valiant - Men's Handmade Leather Oxford Brogue Dress Shoe By Barker

Another Creative collection Oxford brogue of note is Valiant, an eye-catching style as it’s made from unfinished crust leather and painted by hand in the Barker Earls Barton factory. 

Armstrong - Men's Handmade Wholecut Black Oxford Office Shoe by Barker

The only Oxford shoe style more elegant than the classic toe cap Oxford is the whole-cut which is made from one single piece of leather. Barker Wholecut styles include the Armstrong and Nelson styles from the BarkerTech and Professional collections.

Fearne - Women's Multi color Oxford Brogue Shoe By Barker

Several Women's Oxford shoes that feature in the Barker Women’s collection include the Fearne, Freya and Sloane Oxford brogue styles.