Sole Sculpture

Posted by Lee Fleming on

Sole SculpturePrior to the COVID-19 UK lockdown Barker maintenance engineer Mick Henson ( completed his latest sculpture which is consists of tools commonly seen on the factory floor.

Previously a full time sculptor, Mick returned to the shoe industry in January 2017 but has always worked in Northamptonshire’s traditional trades, the shoe and tannery industries as an engineer. Many of his sculptures have been made from and inspired by the machinery he’s worked on over the years.

The recently finished sculpture is in the shape of a shoe made from clicking press knifes supplied by Barker shoes, NPS and Loake’s. The concept allowed the inclusion of designs made by Kettering Park Junior Academy’s year 3 to fit within the press knifes to create a shoe-shaped collage.

The sculpture was days away from adding schoolchildren’s designs for an exhibition at the Kettering museum until the UK lockdown meant the exhibition was cancelled and is yet to be re-scheduled.

We're looking forward to seeing the sculpture on exhibition in the near future.